Kruise in Style with Laura!

Embark on soulful sails with the azure surroundings around our 3 km unique island (desti)nation on our stunning Squadron 42 Fairline yacht, Laura. Gaze at picturesque sunsets, indulge in exclusive uber-fun cocktail parties or anything-but-ordinary wedding celebrations and be swept away on a romantic sundowner escapade. A true model of state-of-the-art craftsmanship made with the highest skills to elevate your experience to be kool, fun and exciting!

Kruise through the tropical waves, making this a memorable and unique stay at your kind of place!


Charter a private voyage

Charter a private voyage

With our private rental package, you can take Laura on an exclusive trip across the waters. Bring your friends, peers and loved ones, and head out for an awesome adventure. Whether you want to have an exuberant cocktail party, celebrate your love with a wedding party over the Maldivian blues or just enjoy some secluded time, we’ve got you.

  • Per hour: $600++ including 6 guests– extra person $100++ (minimum 2 hours)
  • Full day 8 hours: $4500++ including 6 guests – extra person $500++
  • Half day 4 hours: $2200++ including 6 guests – extra person $250++
 *Up to a maximum of 12 guests
A private cruise on the azure

A private cruise on the azure

Discover the endless blues of Maldives with scrumptious flavours, a chic atmosphere and stunning views. Head out for a private cruise just as the sun starts painting the crystal clear waters, or set sail on a romantic cruise and create euphoric memories. A romantic hideaway or a fun-filled venture on seas - we’ve got it all.

  • Sunrise Breakfast Kruise with champagne and a stunning international breakfast menu
  • $650++ per couple (maximum 2 couples)

  • Romantic Kruise & Kuisine Under The Stars with a five-course set dinner (Meat or Seafood), wine and champagne
  • $1,650++ per couple
Catch the sunset overwater

Catch the sunset overwater

Join us on the bi-weekly sunset cruise and watch the golden sun set below the vibrantly lit horizon. Take in the surreal views as you let the worries simmer down. With champagne, canapés, and amazing company, you’re in for a treat.

  • Sunset Kruise with champagne and canapés
  • Every Tueday and Friday
    1 hour $180++ per person
 *Minimum 4 and maximum 12 guests