Welcome to a place where (almost) everything is possible, and boredom simply does not exist! Even the public areas and spaces around the Kandima Maldives invite guests to meet, socialise or simply unwind.



Dhaalu Atoll is one of the most pristine regions in the country. The atoll’s waters are perfect for both beginners and advanced divers, who can still explore greater depths and enjoy the thrill of drift diving in stronger currents.   

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Water Sports & ExcursionsWater Sports & Excursions

Water Sports & Excursions

Do you love water? Are you addicted to watersports? In that case, you must be an AQUAHOLIC! Kandima’s dive and watersports center AQUAHOLICS offers an incredible range of aquatic activities and excursions that you can enjoy here on our oh so kool island (desti)nation.

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Set on the edge of the Kandima lagoon, the snorkelling platform allows the guests to snorkel at the reef's edge and experience the awesome marine life Kandima has to offer. Do not be surprised if you are greeted by dolphins while you are snorkelling.

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Welcome to the tropical activity jungle! Open 24/7 Kandima’s state-of-the-art fitness facilities such as BURN Fitness Centre with its own private swimming pool, will help you push the limits. Get your own personal trainer or join a group session of Aqua Fun & Fit, Pilates, Kross Fit, TRX Suspension Training, POUND® fit, boxing and both traditional yoga and aerial yoga classes.

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KULA InitiativeKULA Initiative

KULA Initiative

The KULA art initiative was launched on the 5th of October 2017, with a vision to promote and nurture local artistic talent and creativity and essentially open up new horizons for the local art community in the Maldives.

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Live Music & DJsLive Music & DJs

Live Music & DJs

At Kandima Maldives we take music seriously. That’s why we invite live bands and DJs to entertain you during your holiday. Every Wednesday and Saturday enjoy live music and creative cocktails at Breeze Pool Bar. Whether you're toasting the weekend in style or soaking in the tropical views, there's no better spot to experience the island nation. 

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Pool PartyPool Party

Pool Party

Lose yourself to groovy house beats by Maldivian DJs while sipping on a flirty fusion of cocktails, all in a chic atmosphere with stunning views of the Indian Ocean. Join us at Beach Club and Breeze Pool Bar for the ultimate pool party of the year! Check your What’s On event guide for timings and more information on these events.

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Happy HourHappy Hour

Happy Hour

Make the most of your stay at Kandima Maldives beach resort. Enjoy yummy drinks at Breeze Pool Bar or Beach Club and benefit from our amazing Happy Hours. Sip sip. Hooray!

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Get ready to kick, dribble and score in an atmosphere brimming with excitement and boundless fun. Whether you’re a skilled player or a beginner looking to hone your skills, our soccer field is the perfect setting to immerse yourself in the game you love. At Kandima Maldives, the joy of football knows no limits!

Daily, 8.00-20.00
Where: Near tennis court

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Halfway between a jet ski and an underwater scooter, live out your James Bond fantasies with the SEABOB! The SEABOB is an exciting water toy that can be used whilst snorkelling and diving, allowing you to experience the ocean with complete ease. Dive safely and glide leisurely through the water like a fish – both on the surface and below!

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Luxury Yacht KruiseLuxury Yacht Kruise

Luxury Yacht Kruise

Embark on soulful sails with the azure surroundings around our 3 km unique island (desti)nation on our stunning Squadron 42 Fairline yacht, Laura. Gaze at picturesque sunsets, indulge in exclusive uber-fun cocktail parties or anything-but-ordinary wedding celebrations and be swept away on a romantic sundowner escapade.

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Aroma Lake

Aroma Lake

Discover the playful charm of Aroma Lake! Located beside Aroma Cafe' and KULA Art Studio, this oasis invites you to hop on a paddleboat or simply soak in the scenic beauty.

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