KULA Art Studio

Join our resident Artists for painting or crafts classes and unleash your creativity in Kandima’s very own Art Studio!

Classes: Sundays - Friday – 09.00 to 18.00
Closed on Saturdays

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Meet our resident artist Zima

With a love for art that began at a very young age, Zima explored various mediums of creativity before joining the Kandima Krew in 2021. Her diverse creativity, from painting, videography, typography, music, and mural to poetry, brings a flare of vibrant colour to Kula Art Studio — where she is the resident artist, conducting solo and group art classes for kids and adults alike. With her artworks embracing bold techniques, unique creativity and captivating methods, Zima is actively involved in curating the annual KULA Art Festival, bringing art to life at Kandima!

Kula Art Studio Experience