Dive Into the Deep Blue of Maldives with Aquaholics

Yacht cruise at Kandima Maldives

Welcome to Kandima Maldives, where the azure waters beckon you to embrace the vibrant lifestyle of our seriously stylish island (desti)nation! At Aquaholics, our dive and water sports centre, every moment is an opportunity to dive into an adventure that's anything but ordinary. Get ready to explore, engage, and get energised with a splash of Kandim...

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Dry January: Embrace a Sober Start at Kandima Maldives!


 Welcome to 2024 at Kandima, where we're ringing in the New Year with a twist! Say hello to Dry January, the koolest way to start your year with a splash of wellness and a dash of fun, minus the alcohol. For those embarking on a 'sober curious' journey, Kandima is the place to be, where every sip is as exciting as it is alcohol-free! Mocktail ...

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Embark on an Underwater Expedition at Kandima Maldives

Diver near the reef

Are you ready to submerge into the epic world of Maldives dive sites? Look no further! Kandima, a seriously stylish island (desti)nation nestled in the pristine Dhaalu Atoll, offers a gateway to some of the most breathtaking underwater adventures. From novice enthusiasts to seasoned divers, the diverse dive sites in Dhaalu Atoll promise an oh-so-un...

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Aquatic Marvels in the Maldives


Discover the blue around Kandima Maldives! With our incredible range of aquatic marvels you can enjoy at our oh-so-kool island destination, you are in for some splashing fun in the Indian Ocean! Read about all of the diving and snorkelling adventures and water sports in the Maldives that you can enjoy on your Maldives holiday!   1.Snorkelling ...

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Get Ready to Dive Deep into Kandima Maldives' Aquatic Oasis!

Turtle underwater with divers in the background

 Looking for the ultimate diving experience? Say no more! At Kandima, nestled in the heart of Dhaalu Atoll, we're not just about sunbathing and cocktails (although, those are awesome, too!). We're all about offering you the most exhilarating experience when diving in the Maldives. Dive in, and let's see what's bubbling below! SEA THE BEAUTY De...

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Aqua Adventure Awaits! Your Dream Dive in the Maldives


Gear up for a splash-tastic adventure at Kandima Maldives! Located in the renowned Dhaalu Atoll, this seriously stylish island desti(nation) is your gateway to an incredible underwater utopia. Plunge into the deep with Aquaholics, where diving in the Maldives takes on a whole new level of excitement!  Underwater Wonderland Dive beneath the sur...

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Top 10 things to tick off your bucket list in the Maldives!


Planning your ultimate vacation in the Maldives but pondering on what to do? Fret not, because Kandima Maldives has got heaps of adventures waiting for you. Cross off one by one from your bucket list as you enjoy sun-splashed fun and oh-so-cool escapades. 

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